How to buy


If this is your 1st purchase, follow the steps below to request a quote.

Amounts, terms, delivery forms and payment terms are only answered by email or FAX.


1º Step:

Access the GOODS area;


2º Step:

Select the type, size, letters / numbers / symbols and quantity of items.

Provide alphabet (A to Z - including Y and W), full number (0 to 9) and loose (only what the customer needs or uses the most).

→ The minimum we provide are 10 pcs of each.

→ In case of logo design submission is needed in scale 1: 1 (life-size) and all the measurements.



3º Step:

Send the link to the e-mail: sales
or any of the ligand for requesting the FAX numbers.

Phone: (11) 3998-7559 / (11) 3976-4949 / (11) 3976-4621

Budgets outside Brazil, contact only by e-mail